The general goals of the academic course in Design are aimed mainly towards training in the field of design culture, oriented towards the creative and functional composition of products and services in general. Historical occurrences relating to the general evolution of art, architecture and applied arts will be dealt with, as well as the specific design methodologies and their implication on the world of production. + DETAILS

The course is tailored towards the study of the artistic design of clothes and accessories and includes both the cultural sphere, coming from fashion and styles, and the industrial sphere, referring to clothing, textiles, footwear, and the production of leather goods. The main aim is to create innovative techniques and styles of dressing, emphasising the expressive meaning of materials, colours, and shapes.  + DETAILS

This academic course of study aims to explore the artistic design of communication through images, symbols, logos, colours, and texts; mainly applied to the fields of publishing, advertising, packaging products, and web. All in the intent to help foster the perception of graphic messages that are essential for the identification of corporate branding and/or company profiles. + DETAILS