The Academy of Fine Arts TRENTINO ART ACADEMY was founded in Trento and offers courses in Design, Graphic Design, and Fashion Design. It’s complete with highly qualified professional teachers, advanced and flexible curricula, research and artistic/design production, internationality on the one hand, while also being well-rooted in the local territory.

The Trentino Art Academy was established with the goal of promoting Art and Creativity in its multiple expressions.

The Academy of Fine Arts started its academic activities by virtue of an Agreement reached between the Autonomous Province of Trento and the Ministry of Education, Universities and Research (MIUR), aimed at authorising the activation of courses and the awarding a qualification of the relative First Level Academic Diploma qualifications in:

+ Design

+ Graphic Design

+ Fashion Design

The teachers of the Trentino Art Academy are qualified and in possession of specific professional skills and/or renowned experts, who have passed approval by special commissions appointed ad hoc for the purposes of the Academy’s accreditation with PAT and MIUR.

The Trentino Art Academy presents itself on the Trentino territory with its innovative and unique training proposal in the field of High Artistic Education.

The STRENGTH of the Trentino Art Academy is represented not only by the content of the curricula, but also by the fact that the base of the teaching activities is in Trento (in suitable classrooms and laboratories in a very modern and functional setting, including a canteen), an key aspect which will allow our students to take full advantage of all the services (libraries, canteens, etc.) and favourable circumstances which complement the training courses (museums, galleries, conventions, cultural events, etc.) available in the capital city.

For years now the world of education in Trentino has been asking for to provide an opportunity for training, research, and production in the field of art and design: a reality that is able to dialogue both on a national and international level, so as to offer young students adequate training and professional opportunity.


Trentino Art Academy was established with the aim of promoting art and creativity in its multiple expressions and represents a unique reality in the Trentino area, in the field of design and applied art in its multiple expressions. The strengths of the Trentino Art Academy are represented by an educational offer structured by effective and accredited curricula, by a functional location equipped with all services such as laboratory rooms, library, and canteen. The training courses are further complemented by synergies with the many cultural centres in the area and by numerous cultural activities determined by events, conferences, exhibitions, even on national level.



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